Around the World in 80 Days

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Type of Literary Work This sensational novel is an adventure novel consisting of an enterprising Englishman touring the globe. Woven within are historical facts, such as the British Empire and colonies around the globe, as well as historically accurate locations. Theme The theme of this breathtaking novel is one of daring and persistence. On the whim of a wager, Fogg is sent around the world in the impossible time span of eighty days. Throughout the work, Fogg's limitless persistence, entwined with his stereotypical English composure, astound the reader. Fogg represents this boundless daring in the audacious wager he makes. He has promised his arrival back in London in eighty days, regardless of the wilderness, delay, or other…show more content…
The three travel to Bombay, where they spend a trivial amount of time. While here, Passepartout is sent on errands to purchase more essentials. In his curiosity, he ventures within an Indian temples, with his shoes on. Entering within such a temple as Passepartout did is regarded as a crime by the English government, who respects the beliefs of the natives. The priests run him out, and Passepartout is lucky to escape on a train with his master on way to Calcutta. The headlines which were produced on English newspapers months ago were proven false. This is to say, the Bombay-Calcutta railroad was not truthfully finished. Mr. Fogg's voyage was cut abruptly at the end of the railroad track. The passengers would have to travel the missing piece of the railroad by foot, a great delay to Phileas Fogg. Fogg showed no emotion at this, and instead, searched about and purchased an elephant and hired a guide. The adventure that would follow would imprint on Fogg a tinge of emotion in two month's time. On way to Calcutta, through the jungles and on an elephant, the party encounters a fanatical bunch of native Indians carrying an abducted princess, so the Parsee guide tells them. Fogg wastes no time in telling his companions they must not delay and rescue the girl, regardless how much time he might lose and the wager with it. The party awaits the morning, when Passepartout rescues the girl from the platform where the fanatics were going to burn her.

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