Arrange Marriages vs. Love Marriages

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Arrange marriages and Love marriages Cultural Evaluation India culture supports arrange marriage through social structures comprising of shared norms, values and beliefs. The notion of arrange marriage is not a concept segregated to the Indian society only. In the Victorian age, arrange marriage used to happen so did they happen in the England among kings and queens. The idea behind arrange marriage stands out even in this other community as a measure to prevent undesired class mix. Arrange marriage in India is observed to be a measure that entrenches caste system. The upper caste families were not willing to let their children to marry in lower caste family. This is a customary measure that made love marriage a taboo a practice that has continued to be observed even in modern India(Philip R.D., 2000). The concept of love marriage is relatively new and is mainly linked to the end of World War II and the industrial revolution. At the juncture of these events, people's perception started to change and, affiliations with love marriage became the norm. The influence of British culture upon the Indian communities was felt mainly among the learned communities. This influence is not sustainable owing to the strength of the Indian culture and ignorance of foreign cultures in the rural parts of the country(Philip R.D., 2000). Arguments In discussions for arrange marriage and love marriages, considerations need to be made on the cultural aspects that support the ideals of the
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