Arranged Marriage Essay 1

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Arranged marriage Arranged marriage 1 Do you want get married with the one you love or do you want to find someone who has many commons in a various elements with you? Do you want to have a wonderful marriage? Or how can people avoid their marriage from divorce? Young people nowadays can have a chance and freedom to get married by two main ways: love marriage and arranged marriage. A lot of people in Western countries think that arranged marriage avoid people having the chance to explore their own personalities , getting the freedom to get marriage with the one they love or expressing themselves creatively through dating. They assume that an arranged marriage will fail when the potential spouse is an awful…show more content…
Due to that, the couple might end up with suffering and divorce. In case of love marriage, people might expect more from their partner, largely because they have fallen in love before marriage. This leads to lesser compromises, as the person expects more from his or her partner. On the other hand, this shows that in an arranged marriage, the couple will not expect anything from the partner instead give a full commitment to adjust themselves with their partner.” Furthermore, world divorce statistic illustrates that India records the lowest rate of divorce which is 1.1% compared to the other countries such as United States which records 54% of divorce rate – leading the most high divorce rate (American for Divorce Reform, 2002. Retrieved from: ) As arranged marriage is a common practice in Indian culture but it is impractical in Western countries, the practice of arranged marriage may become one of the factors that contribute to this significant statistic. In fact, arranged marriage somehow reduces the divorce rate. Therefore, these prove that arranged marriage is more stable than love marriage. Arranged marriage 4 Last but not least, the difference between Western and Eastern culture also creates different types of marriages. A valuable researcher of more than
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