Arranged Marriage From The Perspective Of All Three Social Sciences

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What is an arranged marriage? An arranged marriage by definition is a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or guardians of the bride and groom. The amount of input a bride or groom has is based off the type of arranged marriage. In the traditional arranged marriage the bride and groom have significant input and are not forced. Arranged marriage is a sensitive topic as it involves the values, beliefs and core characteristics of many. There are multiple views on arranged marriage, both positive and negative. Here in the west many have negative opinions on arranged marriages. Arranged marriage can be researched and analyzed from an anthropological, psychological and sociological perspective. Through the three perspectives, many distinctive differences and similarities between arranged marriage and other types of marriage such as love/choice marriage can be seen. This research essay will analyze arranged marriage from the perspective of all three social sciences and show how arranged marriage is just as good if not better than love/choice marriage from the perspective of all three social sciences.

There are many subtopics within arranged marriage that can be researched and analyzed from an anthropological perspective. A few of the subtopics include comparing the different types of arranged marriage, the functions/responsibilities of marriage, cultural aspects and the development of people in an arranged marriage. There are many types of arranged marriages; the
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