Arranged Marriage In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet falls in love with Romeo and marries him while her father Lord Capulet, wants Juliet to marry Paris even though she has no interest in Paris at all. There are many life changing events including marriage. How marriages should be entered over history and while arranged marriage is less prevalent today than earlier times, the practice still exists. Getting married without it being arranged allows a person to get to learn new things about other people, experience a new world, and gives them the ability to try new things.

Learning new things may sound like a challenge when people already know about them, but when they don't get arranged marriage things can become less complicated.
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They can experience where their partner comes from. People can experience different countries if their spouse grew up somewhere else. Many people have background history and if you get an arranged marriage you won't get the chance to experience the world around you. However, if you don't get arranged marriage a person's partner can establish their life history with their partner.

Trying new things while with other people is a big role in marriage. Many people get to try new food, drinks, watch new movies, and a lot more, when they are in a marriage. If you get arranged marriage you won't get to try anything new because you already know much about that person. However, if a person chooses who they marry they get to try new things that they never did or tried before that maybe their partner has.

A few good things about arranged marriage is the spouses can feel closer, know much about the other people, don't get divorced, and they can feel comfortable around them. Allowing a person to try new things, learn new things, and experience a new world takes a big part in not a marriage being arranged. In Romeo and Juliet, juliet is against arranged marriage and finds a guy herself and marries
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