Arranged Marriage Research Paper

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Islam3 In modern culture and fully developed nations, the ideology of an arranged marriage is a foreign concept, but in reality the global percentage of arranged marriages is 60 (Toledo 1). Although the majority of these arranged marriages occur in Asian countries such as India and China, this type of matrimony should also be prominently implemented into the society of modernized nations like the United States. Before arranged marriages can completely fuse into industrialized cultures, one must fully understand the concept of an arranged marriage. As commonly thought, parents do not always select the marital partners in arranged marriages; spouses can also be chosen by a community, elders, matchmakers, or religious leaders ("Arranged...…show more content…
This differentiates from a love marriage because love marriages start with the foundation of love and admiration, then the couple learns to commit. However, arranged marriages are based on the firm foundation of commitment and then the couple learns to love each other. Goodale writes, "We'll come to accept that we can 'work' on marriage and love" (3). Arrange marriages also differentiate from a forced marriage, which is a common misconception of this type of marriage. Many perceive that an arranged marriage occurs when the couples are married against their will, and the parties involved provided no consent to the relationship. This paints the negative mental photograph of a forced marriage, not an arranged marriage. Despite this illusion, arranged marriages have the potential to gain a role and…show more content…
The couple can find happiness through compromising and commitment. A secure, sustainable marriage does not only need love, but it needs the multiple pillars of family approval, secure support system, and shared values cemented on the foundation of commitment. A marriage is the grand beginning of a new family and a starting point to assist generations move forward and develop. Due to this multitudinous number of points, arranged marriages should be strategically integrated into the modernized culture of the United
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