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Differences of Traditional Conservative Culture and Western Culture Victor Pinto Hudson Community College Abstract In the film (Arranged, 2007), it tells a story of two women who are going through an arranged marriage. Arranged marriage is something that is seen in traditional cultures, not really seen in modern western culture. Modern western culture and traditional cultures are very different. Patriarchy is followed in the home of these families, where the father sets the rules. Dating is also done differently. In traditional cultures, women have arranged dates with men, whereas in modern western culture people can decide who to go on a date with. Touching is also different, women from traditional cultures are not…show more content…
For instance, in my home, the person who receives the food first starts eating and does not wait for anyone. In addition, there is another scene when Rachel brings Nasira who comes from a different culture, to the house without her father’s permission, and her mother believes it would upset her husband if he would have found out. In a modern home, if a child were to bring someone over from any culture you would only need to ask permission from one of the parents, can be the mother or father. For example, when I bring someone over home I just ask permission from one of my parents if they can come in. It can be either the mother or father. Touch From what can be seen in the film (Arranged, 2007), the two characters Rachel and Nasira, are not accustomed to being touched by other people. One scene where Rachel had her face touched she seemed very uncomfortable while the blind kid was touching her face. Next scene, when Rachel was talking to some guy at a party she refused to shake his hand. Another scene, Nasira was telling Rachel that her date touched her, but all they did was bump into each other. In the modern western culture, people are used to coming in contact with other people. For example, I and my friends, we always shake hands, high five and hug each other. Dating In the film (Arranged, 2007), Rachel and Nasira, were set up in arranged dates. For Nasira, her dates were chosen from her father, and Rachel, her dates were chosen for from
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