Arrest Argumentative Essay

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Yesterday, when I was looking for the original documents Mrs. Dane informed me that she found two original Arrest Affidavits inside the release files and she forwarded them to Sgt. Carriveau. I went to Sgt. Carriveau Office and looked around his desk to see if they were still in his office, (Nothing Found). We currently have plastic shelves in Booking properly labeled. Staff are not paying attention and leaving the documentation inside of the file after the inmate has been released. We also have ORIGINAL and COPY stamps in Booking to label the Arrest Affidavits for easy identification. Now, If the paperwork was located last week and it was forwarded to the courts by Sgt. Carriveau…where did it go? Somebody has possession of it at the courthouse.…show more content…
Walton that the Juvenile Courthouse staff now wats for us to generate a fresh copy of the Arrest Affidavit and, to have the arresting Deputy sign it so that they can utilize that document as the original Arrest
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