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Arresting Batterers is Not The Solution

Does arresting batterers do more harm than good? For this debate my side is the

con and I will give ideas and support to their views. Before I get started I just want to say

that I don’t condone husbands beating their wives at all, and many others feel the same

way. Battering is a learn behavior you are accountable for your own actions and must

face the serve consequences ahead. Many people believe that what is happening in there

own home is unique but it is not because it occurs in all family households all over the

world. In one survey one quarter (25%) of United States couples report at least one

incident of physical aggression occurring between them during the
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By locking them up, law enforcement has taken

the easy way out of dealing with the issue. We should be trying to get to the root of all

the problems and see why and understand these individuals choose to use violence to deal

with there everyday problems. The pro side just wants to throw away the key at the

batterers. In most cases the batterers will not spend along time in jail. When they get

released they are going to go right back to what they were doing before beating their love

ones. This is because when they were in jail that were not given any help to deal with

their problems. By putting them in jail their going to be able to build up angry and

frustration and when they get out they are going to being looking to retaliate the ones that

put them in the confines of the jail. So the women will be targets first so we are putting

them in harm and danger of their lives. Some other problems a rise when we decide to

put batterers in jail because we are taking the child’s father out of the home and with that

might be the income coming into the house to pay the bills and put food on the table and

clothes on the child. I know that sounds like the best thing for the child to take the father

out of the house to stop the abuse that was going on. In some cases the ones who are

batterers hold jobs, are normally nice people but when
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