Arrhythmia Personal Statement

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On my fourth year in Medical school, I faced an overwhelming, quite surreal new world; it was my first day in a hospital, the same physical problems, and pathophysiologic events read on books during three years finally fleshed out in real patients. Dr. Cassanello, my Internal Medicine teacher, asked me to describe an EKG, avid and excited at the same time I was able to diagnose that patient's arrhythmia, at that moment I finally experienced that yearned pleasant sensation of diagnosing a disease. Of course diagnosing an arrhythmia was not enough, that is why I set a new goal in my career. It was to enhance my clinical reasoning to treat my patients effectively always seeking their well-being. It was difficult at times, sometimes discouraging but after a few years more and with the immeasurable help and selfless guide from such incredible instructors, I finally received my diploma as a doctor.…show more content…
With many inquietudes, I wondered how to defend the ideals of compassion and service constructed during Medical School.The answer unclear at that moment started to emerge during my Rural Service. It was a satisfying and at the same time a demanding experience. During this year I faced different struggles mostly related to prevention, work in the community and It also served me well to embrace teamwork as an indispensable ingredient of medical practice. During this year I went through a vast amount of constructive
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