Arrival Reflection

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Arrival is a science fiction film that is more than just defending the Earth from aliens. The film starts off with moments that seemed like flashbacks of a linguistics professor Louise Banks and the birth, life and death of her daughter Hannah. That’s why Arrival’s lesson is compelling. One day, twelve different alien crafts land all over the earth, hovering just above the ground in twelve different locations around the world. Dr. Banks gets a visit from military in the form of Colonel Weber, who asks for her assistance as an expert linguist in investigating and trying to communicate with the unexpected aliens. She arrives at the location with Ian Donnelly, a physicist, to help assist her on the job. During the movie, we saw what we thought was memories of Louise daughter’s life and death. When we see footage of a different time period in life intercut among the present in a film, we assume it to be the past. We see a refreshing gender role reversal, Louise took an empowering role carrying a lot of weight in this film while Ian played a supporting role. Louise indicate the idea that women are the creators of life, while men are the commanding ones and also are the creators of destruction. The goal is to discover the aliens’ purpose on Earth, but before that can be asked, Banks is insistent she must understand their language to prevent any misunderstandings. To translate their language, Dr. Banks demand that she appears face to face with the heptapods. For the heptapods,
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