Arrow Of God By Chinua Achebe

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Arrow of God written by Chinua Achebe is set in the 1920’s located in Nigeria. The book focuses on the main character Ezeulu, the Igbo people’s chief priest. Throughout the text we see Ezeulu have conflicts with other tribes and with Christian missionaries, get sent to prison for denying a position from the British, and Ezeulu having difficulties within his own tribe and their yam harvest (Achebe). All the events that happened in Arrow of God lead to a much deeper meaning. If we take a look at a look at the very complex film District 9 produced by Peter Jackson, we see a very different but similar story. This is a “mockumentary” type film that explores the life of a MNU executive, an alien and his son, the Nigerian gang, and a mercenary soldier employed by MNU (IMDb). In both stories, Arrow of God and District 9, there are very blunt patterns of fiction, distinct archetypes, and prominent philosophies used. The stories above are two different types of media, with similar content. Both book and movie shows a tribe being pushed out of their home, in almost the same way. In both stories we see patterns of fiction, which is when a reader is introduced to a character and some event or a challenge occurs. In Arrow of God, Ezeulu is faced with a difficult decision towards the end of the story. We call this The Choice. Ezeulu is faced with the decision to allow his tribe to participate in the New Yam Feast, but instead tells them not to and famine strikes the

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