Ars Longa Brevis

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“Ars Longa, Vita Brevis,” “Art is Long, Life is Short.” Five years ago the Tractor Shed Theatre decided to take a big step and reached out to the elders of our community. We partnered with a nursing home, Pace at Home, and interviewed each resident. After all the interviews were complete, we began creating poetry, songs, monologues, and short scenes to perform for the residents. When I began this project, I never imagined that it would change my way of thinking. After all the hard work, dedication, and seeing the appreciation of all the elders, I realized how important reaching out to others is. “For the past five weeks, my students and I have put together a personalized performance to carry on the stories of your precious lives. We have published a book telling all of the wonderful stories you have shared with us. This book will allow your life stories to live on forever. Ars Longa, Vita Brevis; Art is Long, Life is Short.” Our director Mrs. Rice began as the stage lights dimmed. For the next hour and a half we performed songs, skits, and monologues retelling the life stories of our elders. Ending with the Star Spangled Banner, we walked through the lobby hugging the teary-eyed elders. As we all gathered back together, the workers of Pace at Home carried a cardboard box out, placing…show more content…
Sometimes all somebody needs is a listening ear; someone who is truly interested in what they have to say. After this project, I appreciated the lives of elders and their wisdom much more. Whenever having a conversation with other people, I truly listen and appreciate their words. The things that one does on this earth may not change the entire world at once, but it does contribute to other lives. This produces a ripple effect, creating a change that goes further than ones individual life. Rather it is a published book or a box full of paper chains, art can change the way others

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