Arsenic And Old Lace By Joseph Kasselring

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Name of the play: Arsenic and old lace Playwright: Joseph Kasselring Year play was published: 1940 Description of setting: The play “Arsenic and old Lace” takes place in the Brewster household, Brooklyn 1940’s Theme: The theme in “Arsenic and old lace” is mental illness and murder. Mortimer’s aunts are mentally ill and enjoy to commit murder on old lonely men. Plot: Mortimer has 2 aunts, Martha and Abby Brewster, and they both live in an old house in Brooklyn with their nephew Teddy Brewster. Martha and Abby are adored in their neighborhood for their caring character. When Mortimer visits his favorite aunts to tell them the great news about just being newly married to his fiancé Harper. Back then it was presumed that if one of your…show more content…
climax · Mortimer finds a dead body. They then try to dispose of it. falling action · Lt. Rooney was called because they found a dead body. Lt. Rooney recognizes Johnathan as a convict and sent him to happy dale, along with teddy who is clinically insane. Characters: Mortimer Brewster- The play’s protagonist. He is the nephew of Martha and Abby Brewster and brother to teddy and Johnathan Brewster. Martha Brewster- Martha Brewster is the sister Abby Brewster who are murderous sisters and are the aunts to Teddy, Mortimer, and Johnathan. Abby Brewster - Abby Brewster is the sister of Martha Brewster, they are the dynamic homicidal duo. She lives with her sister in Brooklyn. Teddy Brewster- The nephew of Martha and Abby and the brother of Johnathan and Mortimer. He is certified insane and thinks he’s Theodore Roosevelt. He lives with his two aunts. Johnathan Brewster- He is the brother of Teddy and Mortimer and is the nephew to Martha and Abby. He is an escaped fugitive who has homicidal tendencies. Lt. Rooney- The Lt. that came to the house after the police called him. He arrested Johnathan, and Teddy and takes away the aunts to Happy Dale. Elaine Harper- The fiancé to Mortimer. Dr. Einstein- The doctor that is an accomplice to Johnathan’s countless murders, who also changed Johnathan’s face surgically. Officer O’Hara- The policeman that called Lt. Rooney to the Brewster house. Mr. Spelanzo- A victim of the

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