Arsenio Hall Show Analysis

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In 1991, Vanilla Ice appeared on the "Arsenio Hall Show" for a now infamous interview. Hall went at the white rap phenomenon like a shark smelling blood, grilling him about his past, his dancing, his relationships with other rappers, and more. "I know a lot of black rappers are probably angry because some of the white people screaming didn’t buy rap until you did it… until they saw a vanilla face on the album…" Surprisingly, Vanilla Ice’s response seemed to win the studio audience over that night, even causing them to heckle the show’s host. In 1991, new artists didn’t have much control over how they were being presented or packaged, and the public didn’t necessarily expect them to be vocal about socio-economic issues. More than two decades…show more content…
If my rap is intelligent, it’s because I listened to black artists like KRS-One and Chuck D. Nearly everything that my white fans now celebrate about my craft and skill, I adapted and learned from black artists early on. Because I’m white, white fans are more likely to identify with me and my music. White rappers are more likely to find themselves in rooms full of white fans, who have come to listen to rap music with varied understandings of its black origins. Those white fans are also likely to represent and experience the entire spectrum of white privilege, white frailty, and white supremacist ideas. In the end, whether they acknowledge it or ignore it, only a fool would try to deny it: White rappers are bound to have some racist white fans. The question white rappers ultimately need to answer is then: "Am I comfortable performing for people with racist beliefs, helping solidify their racist ideas via my art, and benefiting from their
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