Art 101 Final Project Timeline Essay

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Trechelle Monroe

Final Project: Art Timeline

Sculptures from the 18th-20th Century

February 23, 2012

Fig 1
Aristide Maillo,
French Sculpture
Musee d’Orsay, Paris

This sculpture falls in the modern art category and the style is abstract expressionism. This sculpture is very large it is actually 110cm. The artist that created this sculpture was one of the many fine French Sculptors, he was one of the younger generation who started out as a Symbolist painter as well as a tapestry designer but he got an eye disease around the age of 40 and he had to give these things up but then found love for sculpting . This artist had a love for Greek sculpture but he rejected some of what it stood for. This piece of
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The right leg is in front of the left leg , and the body has perfect posture , the head is looking straight ahead as if the person is heading towards something or sees something interesting. Joshua C. Taylor says “ The figure in Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, strides forth , a symbol of vitality and strength, yet its impetuous steps rest lightly on the ground as if the opposing air gives the figure wings.”

Fig 6
Completion date was 1879 but was released around 1912
The Call to Arms
Auguste Rodin
Bronze sculpture
The Rodin Museum, Philadelphia, USA

The style of this sculpture falls under impressionism. The dimensions are ( 113x 57.8 x 40.5 cm). This particular sculpture was actually entered in a competition that was intended to design a monument that was meant to honor and salute the heroes of Paris who took part in the Defense of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War, although Rodin did no win the contest this monument was still able to be installed in Verdun in the 19th century to show appreciation to the French soldiers of World War I. When you look closely at this sculpture you will see a female who has wings and to me this symbolizes an angel, she is over top of a warrior of some sort who seems hurt or wounded, possibly dead. This female may be his guardian angel or something. The lady with wings seems to be screaming because her mouth is wide open , I am not sure if this is a cry for help or a rejoicing moment.

Fig 7( just a mini image of the

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