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Over the years, I have flirted with visual art. It started with pencil drawing, continued as an affair with marker illustration, then a dalliance with lettering, and I now have a relationship with photography. However, my favorite art will never be displayed in museums or galleries. It is not static and immutable. Rather, my chosen medium is fluid, living, volatile. No matter how well rehearsed, it will never be the same again. That’s the beauty of performance art.
My life would be incomplete without performing music. I’ve spent time, in concert bands, in bell choirs, in school and church choirs, and singing, playing in music festivals, and in pit bands trying not to laugh my head off at the actors’ improvisations. But the art that truly speaks to my soul does not lie in creating music, it lies in dancing to it.
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According to her, “ it looked like my arms and legs weren’t connected”. Her mission to connect my body parts was only partially successful, I am still incredibly clumsy. In the studio, however, every part of my body is alive, and every part is controlled. Are my toes pointed? Are my knees straight? Is my chin up? Are my wrists floppy? The rigor of ballet is that every molecule of your body must be perfect, and so no performance can ever be truly perfect. You can always improve. That’s what is so addicting about dancing. For those willing to chase it, the dream is there.
Everyone is chasing perfection, but it runs deeper than that. A performance can be perfect, but have no soul, no life. You live for the moments that you inhabit the music. When you move and you can feel the anguish of a broken heart, or the uncertainty and weariness of a long life lived. When that connection happens, everything else falls away. This is what dance means to me. A dream, a journey with no destination, a love, and an
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