Art 14

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AR 103: Art Appreciation 12/2/13 Chapter 14-Nature, Knowledge, and Technology Goals and Objectives: To explore works of art which seek to imitate, admire, or judge the world around us. That world consists of animals and plants as well as human constructs: our knowledge systems our technology, and our cities. 1. What do we consider ideal in nature? 19.13, Little Bouquet in a Clay Jar, Jan Bruegel, 1599 In nature, bounteous displays and vivid colors are considered ideal, especially when it comes to flowers. A great example of this is Little Bouquet in a Clay Jar by Jan Bruegel. This is an oil painting of an arrangement of flowers in a modest clay pot. The flowers are extremely voluptuous and bountiful in comparison to the small…show more content…
This was a machine that was constructed of junkyard parts and was designed to self-destruct once up and running. The piece is very UNBALANCED and doesn’t have much SYMMETRY throughout it. It is an absurd machine that takes up a lot of SPACE. The artist did this to display how New York has been built bigger and more absurd, being added onto in great and unplanned ways. By unplanned it means that
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