Art 160 Final Paper. Jinzhou Jia. How Does The Indian Movie

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ART 160 Final paper Jinzhou Jia How does the Indian movie affect my opinion about the society in India? This semester I chose the Art 160 class, which talks about South Asian art and culture. During study, I learned a lot from this class. When the topic came to Indian movie, it made me become interested. I watched many movies before, tried to learn how the music goes in many movies. One of my friends is in movie major, he told me Bollywood movies were pretty good. After the class, I went to watch some movies like 3 idiots, PK and Taare Zameen Par. I was shocked, because I never think that India movie could be that good. All of them show the society issue and problems. These movies helped me to understand more about…show more content…
Since my mom was a primary school teacher, so sometimes I think about the way she taught her students. Today I will talk about two movies from India, 3 idiots and Taare Zamee Par. Both of them were talked about education. My favorite Indian movie is 3 idiots. The movie suits for people like us—students in university. When I met problems in my university life, I even can find answer from this movie. How to study in university? How about our future? This movie used comic way to show us the life of people who had same age as me. The movie used 160 minutes to tell us the real emotion between friends, parents and everybody we love, and the way to face problems and future. At the beginning of the movie, I still remember the headmaster used an example from cuckoos. “You have to compete, or died.” Those words are strong and disrespectable. Also, shows the cruel educational system. In the movie, Rancho’s friends, one is a poor guy without confidence and he is afraid of difficulties, one is a guy who just listens to his parents and let them to lead his life, he is afraid to fight for his love—photographing. Those two guys represent two problems our students meet—some guys are afraid of problems, but they never want to change it; some guys have dreams but they never try to achieve them. But Rancho is a different guy. He used his love, belief and unremitting to save his friends’ terrible life. From this movie I learned If we want to find the way to

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