Art Allows Me to Leave Reality Essay

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Good art allows me to flee the realms of reality. In my mind's limitless consciousness, I can escape the mundanity of everyday life. It opens a door in my head to a world only limited by my imagination. I am no more a slave to gravity, chained down on the earth when I am reading. I can be a bird and soar high above the clouds, or be a fish and swim deep down in the darkest depths of the ocean. I am there, I am that person, and everything else around me regardless of what it is, fades away. Sometimes these people are the one's I'd like to be but sometimes I encounter nefarious characters I wholly condemn. I am able to feel the emotions that the artist intends for me to feel. However, it is not merely reading or listening, but understanding…show more content…
Languages form an essential part of every human experience. To express oneself is one of the simplest joys we can experience. English and Music are two such languages in my life, that indirectly relate to, have a profound impact on mine. My interests in Music, just as in Literature, extend to a wide array of genres, whether it be Bob Dylan or Tchaikovsky. After relentless perseverance at the age of 16, My father bought me a black dreadnought. I spent hours upon hours practicing by watching instructional videos and my favorite guitar players play. In no time I was playing shows, from winning school competitions to performing at live music theatre events. I had soon established a name for myself as a singer-songwriter by being a supporting act for many bands. I soon began recording my rendition of songs on my laptop, eventually writing my own music and now working on my album. This has proved to be a huge learning curve, in enabling me to understand the dynamics of a composition, Thereby continually improving myself. In my spare time, I have been teaching English to Arab students. It has been a remarkably challenging experience. I have learned far more teaching than I had as a student, in trying to articulate my thoughts in words they could understand. This has been a humbling and rewarding experience. I realize there remains a vast ocean of knowledge I am still unaware of, which empowers me to thrive and work hard in an undergraduate environment.
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