Art Analysis : Egyptian Art

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Anna Lam Professor Hayburn Western Civ. Art Analysis 2 March 2016 Art Analysis Paper Egyptian art has always been extremely interesting and Egyptian art has influenced a lot of other societies in the past. They have created the three pyramids, the sphinx, Pharaoh sculptures, and so much more. The one piece that is very intriguing was the Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Daughters stone. Akhenaten changes the states religion to Aten which is the Sun God, he even changed his name to Akhenaten which means “He who is profitable to the Aten”. He makes his wife and himself the only representatives of Aten. He upsets the people of Egypt because they do not have access to the Sun God but Akhenaten and his wife do. (Cole, Symes, Goffin, Stacey, 33.) During the reign of Akhenaten, art has changed a lot. In the previous years, art has been completely different. Art had less body movement and details. Marsha Hill wrote in her article on the Met Museum Page: “Likewise, artistic changes were afoot before the reign of Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten. For example, Theban tombs of Dynasty 18 had begun to redefine artistic norms, exploring the possibilities of line and color for suggesting movement and atmospherics or employing more natural views of parts of the body.” –Marsha Hill The period that Akhenaten ruled was the Armarna Period. He built buildings with Aten on them and instead of using the traditional stone used for architecture, he used much smaller sets of stones. (Spence, 2011) Art was much more
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