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Over the years different forms of art have been made and stored as treasures thereby forming an aspect that has been carried on for centuries. Art may be done in the form of paintings, sculpture, playwright, or poetry to provide the audience with the producer’s expression. Some forms of art have been made to express political, religious, societal, or filial messages. This paper tries to focus its attention on paintings as one form of art and specifically on the 1380 Virgin and Child done by Antonio Veneziano and the 1504 Madonna Del Granduca by Raphael Sanzio. Both paintings are from different eras of art work, which as Gothic and Renaissance respectively and focus on the human form with religion being depicted as the theme. Both exhibit numerous variations of possible meaning, color, shading, and styles from lines. The two paintings show a commonality and transformation of the art techniques from perspective to humanism and try to capture the moment, which is beautiful from the look of their eyes.
Virgin and Child
Virgin and Child was panted by Antonio Veneziano using oil on canvas with a gilt frame in 1380 CE, a period famous for Gothic type of art. The painting measures 34 by 25 centimeters and depicts a woman
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The two paintings are warm and emphasize the golden color, which gives the paintings a religious theme, whereby they are seen to depict Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. The two also give a connection of the mother and child as a show of femininity. All the figures emphasize the theme of religion using the halos on their heads. Light is also emphasized on both paintings as the artists allowed it to shine on the figures from the foreground. Moreover, the artists utilize texture and form in the paintings to add contrast and dynamism. The four figures are all smooth and focused on each
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