Art Analysis Of Laughing Rembrandt

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Laughing Rembrandt on the canvas is a young person with huge jaw and shaved face. With the lined up upper teeth which are in sequent, he is in a cheerful position. Face lines limits the above area of month and crossing the edge of the noise, apprehends more than the physiological material world. The eyes are staring out like sensing the three dimensional living. Each one is directing to a different perspective As his head tilts, long sloppy hair is dancing in the air and the oscillation of the curved lines are stunning. It feels like the whole body is vibrating and the ups and downs of the laughter is painted with brush. Anti –shock rigid vest which is glossier represents the high energy period of time during twenties. Lively brushwork on copper makes the artwork wonderfully luminous. 2. Analysis of Form:
Thinner brush is used for sketching curve lines blending together which resonance with not stable emotional state during early adulthood. The focal point is his lips as they are painted in a warmer color. In addition to lips, the forehead and hair style are emphasized. Rembrandt deliberately has illustrated the lower value using shades. Regarding to the shining spot on his right upper corner of forehead, the color theme is a mixture of brown to grayer, using orange as a monochromatic color, is shadowed with respect to the light source. As an impressionist artist, he painted warm analogous color tends the viewer to advance. The painting is in biomorphic shape as it is
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