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Formal analysis paper The outdoor mural on the east facing side of the WMCAT building is a breathtaking mosaic called The Metaphorest Project, created by Tracy VanDuinen. This larger than life size vista was an Artprize entry in 2011, and took 2nd place in the competition. This set the standard for not only large-scale public art within Grand Rapids MI, but also the most exhilarating. The scene is an impressive mixture of 2-D and 3-D design, the foreground being mostly of relief sculpture and multi-media mosaic; the background painted. The Metaphorest Project depicts the importance of creation, perception, and the imagination when trying to create a better world for yourself and future generations. The setting of this piece
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The pairing of the colors gave me an underlying suggestion between the two. The entryway aids in the view of this large universe, and the many opportunities it has to offer, opportunities many can visualize, believe, and could be achieved. The door is of realistic proportion, however, it looks quite miniscule within the composition, but still powerful. The focal point of The Metaphorest Project is a larger than life size male face, built up through a bed of sunflowers, to the right of the green tree. At first glance, the face is stunning and majestic due to the mosaic, 3-D construction. The materials used where small pieces of reflective ceramic or glass. Every small piece was aligned to emphasize the realistic curves of the facial features, excluding the painted eyeball itself. The eyes where delicately painted a dark brown, from afar the eye color looked almost black because of it being so dark against the pupil. The face was more of a masculine shape, broad facial structure, strong jaw line, and had a serious to nearly emotionless expression. The forehead of the face is not complete or whole, but is being shown as part of a project. To either side there are boys with ladders leaned against the face, and atop of the face is a girl looking as if she is

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