Art And Acceptance Stemming From Adversity

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Drag queens demand attention, from their over the top makeup, to the towering wigs they wear, when they enter on stage, they have all the attention in the room. That attention has changed from horror, to disgust, to appreciation in the past 200 years but the culture of drag queens has always stayed true to being a community for men who do not fit into the mold of what is deemed normal. It has been a safe haven and a family for those who do not have anywhere else. Through this culture we see strength, art and acceptance stemming from adversity. Some key aspects of this culture, that help us understand it, are the role drag queens play in the LGBTQ community, the language they use, their history, the reason why gay men are attracted to this community and what they gain from it. At its core, the culture of drag queens, as it is today, is centred around the performative act of their shows. Their shows include men, usually gay, impersonating woman while “lip-synching and dancing”. Confusion may arise over the difference between crossdressing, transvestites and drag queens. The important separation, as Jessica Strübel-Scheiner describes, is that, “The drag queen is a self-identified man who has no desire to live as a woman, nor become a woman”, she explains that all drag queens share, “unquestionably strong emphasis on mocking hyperfemininity and ridiculing female gender stereotypes”. The way they impersonate woman is what makes them unique. They are not trying to pass as a woman,

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