Art And Cultural Changes In America

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This week’s paper will be about the change of views in America and how art and culture along with changes in technology helped America grow. The world’s fair in Chicago in 1893 was the 400 year anniversary of Christopher Columbus discovering the new world. The buildings were made from a variety of materials. I hope you enjoy this essay.

The first topic will be the World’s fair of 1893. Like I started to say in my beginning paragraph the 400th year anniversary of Christopher Columbus arrival in America. The exhibits were all made to represent the 50 states and the different cultures for all the world to see. This was a key time in American history with a vast number of immigrants coming over to America. So, these were a focal point
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Art in this time was really coming of age with art institutes popping up all over the country from Chicago to Philly.
With the gilded age came social issues for example labor disputes. The workers felt like machines and didn’t feel as though they were appreciated. The invention of unions eventually came about and other ways to protest the harsh conditions especially in the mines. The mines had no safety regulations
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Now the ashcan school was more of a painting revolution. It focused a lot on New York city’s everyday life and the struggle especially in the poorer neighborhoods.
The ashcan school took the innovations in brushes and paints to show realism. Now the last subject I’d like to talk about is how art reflects the society we live in. I believe that all forms of art are a reflection of what’s going on in society at that time like the ashcan school like I mentioned before focused on the economic hardships in New York city. The paintings from John Sloan come to mind as they were of everyday people in bars and restaurants which like I said before were the place to be and showed how society was in that era from the clothes to the food and drink I think John Sloan captured that image perfectly. George Bellows was also great at capturing the current events I saw one painting called
Tennis in Newport. The painting showed just how the rich lived back in the Gilded age despite the economic struggles in many big cities at the time. So, as you can tell this time in American history was very crucial to the foundation of a growing
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