Art And Culture Of Mexico

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I visited the National Museum of Mexican Art to find out more about the art and culture of Mexico. An interesting exhibit found in the museum is called Nuestra Historias: Stories of Mexican Identity from the Permanent Collection. The exhibit displays various artworks from the 18th through the 20th century. The purpose of the exhibit is to show how the Mexican identity has been altered throughout time and different regions. After the Mexican Revolution, modern Mexican artists were significant figures who positively impacted the Mexican government and politics. Art and culture greatly shaped Mexico because it also joined people together. The visit to the museum gave me an extensive understanding of how Mexican artwork shaped its people and region. During hardships, art spread positivity throughout Mexico. The exhibit displays various Mexican artifacts, modern art, folk art, and religious art which are not only found in Mexico but in various parts of the world. Mexican artists created various religious artworks which shows how the Roman Catholic religion is significant in Mexico. The exhibit displays an image of Virgen of Guadalupe created by Miguel Cabrera. It is an oil painting on a canvas. The image of Virgin of Guadalupe is an important symbolism in Mexico because it is said that she appeared in a vision to Juan Diego in the year of 1531. Juan Diego was an Aztec who converted to Christianity. Because of his visions of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a shrine was built and is
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