Art And Its Impact On Society

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Art plays a very important role in our society, it is an opportunity to express what we feel, what we think, what we hope, what we love or hate, what we want to change, how we visualize the future, and what motivate us. As humans we have the natural necessity to express and show those feelings. Art has existed throughout the years and across the world in some form or another. It is a part of our daily lives and has huge meaning to all the different cultures across the world. Creativity is essential to create art and most people enjoy it in some form, whether it is music, paintings, dance, statues or buildings. Art can also be found in other fields as engineering, physics and mathematics. The arts, both visual and performing, are part of our humanity and provide us a variety of ways to express ourselves. Art appreciation may vary from person to person. Viewers will judge art based on their own definition of beauty. However, it is important to not just look at the piece of art but take a deeper observation and interpret the meaning behind it. What a piece of art means can often times be more important than how it looks. Instead of simply judging whether a piece of art is visually pleasing or not, the observer should react to the message that the author is sending through his creation. When reacting to the meaning of a piece of art, the basic values, beliefs, and ideology that the viewers possess affect how they see and what they see on the…
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