Art And Its Impact On The World

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What was interesting about this specific chapter was that normally the type of art is connected to the specific area where the art was created. Romanesque art however is not specifically connect to any one area. Although it was first noticed in Europe, this style of art was seen in many different places, using many different references, and techniques of past works, and cultures. When the trade routes were reopened in Europe the economy of the surrounding areas flourished, which helped the spread of art in general. This mixed with the turn of year one-thousand, during which the apocalypse did not happen helped the Christianity movement jump leaps and bounds across the continent. Within the Bible it is stated that one-thousand years after the death of Jesus christ he would return to judge the souls of the living and the dead. When that did not happen in the general population boomed and the overall spirituality of the Christian believers grew even larger. Thus began the social and spiritual tradition of the Pilgrimages. When someone chooses to become a pilgrim, they lose their social standing and become something all their own. People from all walks of life would feel free to talk and converse with anyone who is on a Pilgrimage. It is interesting to note that even though these journeys were very popular around this time, they were invented somewhere around the fourth century. To understand the art of the time one must understand the circumstances and reasons behind the
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