Art And The Modern Era And Impact The 20th Century

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Introduction Art is a human activity, the product of this activity or the idea that we are in fact deliberately targeting sense, emotions and intellect. Art and writing are different forms of expression but they both can convey the same intensity for the creator. Art can be used to express thoughts, emotions and feelings whereas writing is a form of expressing ideas and opinions. Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway are those two names, which they don’t need to identification. They are well-known personality from lifetime works on their own respected fields. Pablo Picasso and Hemingway are most well-known in the 20th century and still popular in art and literature. Both artists created valuable paintings, stories and novels from their imagination and express beautifully that reader and viewer can inspired by them. That why they are always be our inspiration and idol. How did Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso’s literature and art transform the modern era and impact the 20th century? Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso’s creations always expressed and related with imagination and real life experiences. Their outstanding creations, imagination have come to form extraordinary priceless creations. Where Picasso invented cubism, surrealism and color theme that brings revolution on arts, Hemingway who wrote many novels and stories based on real life experiences and adventure. Throughout a long, illustrious career, Ernest Hemingway used his work to
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