Art Appreciation 2 - Research an Artist - Diego Rivera

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ART 110 – Art Appreciation
Assignment #2 – Research an Artist
The Early Life of the Artist
1. When was the artist born? Diego Rivera was born on December 8, 1886. (Wiki)
2. Where was the artist born? Rivera was born into a well off family in Guanajuato City, Guanajuato, Mexico. (Wiki)
3. Note any information you were able to find on the parents of the artist. Rivera’s maternal linage stemmed from Jews who had converted to Roman Catholicism. His father’s side came from Spanish nobility. (Wiki)
4. Did the artist have any brothers or sisters? Rivera was born with a twin brother, Jose Carlos, who died before he was two years old. He also had a sister, Maria del Pilar Rivera, who was 4-5 years younger than
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What style did the artist work in? (This is noted for you at the beginning of this assignment). Diego Rivera worked in political protest. He had been asked to paint a mural in Moscow for the 10th anniversary of the October Revolution but was ordered out due to involvement in anti-Soviet politics. Upon his return to Mexico he was kicked out of the Mexican Communist Party due to their belief that his 1928 mural In the Arsenal was believed by some to show Rivera’s prior knowledge of a murder by a Stalinist assassin. And in 1933, Rivera was asked to paint a mural in Rockefeller Center, New York, and when they saw it contained the image of Vladimir Lenin it was removed from the wall, and Rivera lost his commission to paint a mural for the World’s Fair in Chicago. (Wikipedia)
2. Describe the significant characteristics of this style. The style of art of Political Protest is often driven from anger, brutality, war, protest and feelings of government misrepresentation. The piece is designed to get these emotions across, to make people understand how the artist feels. Often colors and hidden images or phrases are embedded to create a more lasting effect.
3. Name some of the other artists who worked in this style. Artists who worked in the style of Political Protest are Pablo Picasso (Frank, p.410), Bob Dylan (musician/song writer), Hunter S. Thompson (political writer), and many photojournalists emerged during the civil rights movements.
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