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What is it that attracts us to art? Have you ever wondered exactly why abstract art displays in art museums are indefinitely more valued than that of an art piece created by a child? If you happen to be unaware of what abstract art is all about, it is the only art form in which is solely based upon creating art using shapes, forms, colors and lines to create a composition designed to have no aesthetic significance whatsoever. In this, it is meant that abstract art is completely detached from reality. It is what you make it to be, and it is always looked upon as art that is all created upon imagination. Abstract art is also referred to as “non-objective”, “geometric abstraction”, and even “non-representational”; all of which are very vague in consensus . Many people look at abstract art and think “I can do that” or “a monkey could have made this”, but does that make it any less valuable? Did the painter use valid techniques in order to have that piece of art displayed? Some critics argue that there is a very well-deserved difference in the making of abstract art and that it all revolves around technique and talent of the artist. Others might say art is, well, exactly what you said it is - art; there are no masterpieces better or worse than others. There are also those who argue that art shouldn 't be resembled as a formula, neither good or bad, but rather neutrally accepted as is. The truth is, regardless of any technique involved, abstract art has no indefinite method for

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