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Art Beyond A Mirror There is a great amount of variety of style and purpose in art. To say that the “truest” art is the most realistic, because the only purpose of art is to reflect humanity, ignores a great part of all the works of art that have been created and the many reasons behind their diversity. Distortion of human (or humanoid) figures can be used as a tool to communicate opinions about power and spirituality, among other things, and its combination with realism can enhance a connection between the audience and subject instead of diluting it. The exaggeration, reduction and other distortion of the human form is often used in art to depict the power of an authority. The Palette of King Narmer is a work from around 3000 BCE pre-dynastic Egypt. In the center of the front of the stone tablet there is a figure of King Narmer, which fills that register from top to bottom, holding a kneeling figure by his hair and winding up a mace in his other hand to hit him. Even kneeling and twisted, it’s clear that this fallen enemy is much smaller than the king. The muscles in the arms and legs of the king are very apparent while the prisoner’s body is smooth. Both figures betray no facial expression and, although their bodies and one eye face the viewer, their heads face each other in the manner distinct of Egyptian style. It offers the viewer a very clear view of the situation. Realistic perspective and proportion does not get in the way of the message: this weak enemy is about

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