Art As A Form Of Self Expression

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Art can be a form of self-expression and a way to communicate ideas and thoughts with other people. Each time when an art work is being viewed, a resonance between the art itself the viewer is created. Art allows the artists to express themselves and communicate with the world through their own imaginations and crafts. Artists has their own styles and they often use art crafts to blend colors to create incredible visual effects. Art is not always easy to understand. It can be a very literal representation of certain objects, but it can also be abstract. Art is determined by its context. Art can be inspirational, pushing the viewers to explore the world through the eyes of the artists. By looking at a work of art, people gain better understanding of the world in artists’ perspectives. First, art is the unique. Art is the self-expression created out of the artists’ own imaginations. No two artists in the world would share the same imaginations. It is a highly personal and creative to connect and share their own ideas with the public. The artists express their own ideas and emotions through illustrating visual effects. It is debatable whether a work has to arouse a sense of beauty to be considered as art, but it is undoubtable that all art pieces shares the same attribute of being the one and only in the world. Thousands of people would line up in front of the Louvre just have a glimpse of the magical and mysterious smile of Mona Lisa. Art is so magical that no matter
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