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On September 19, 2015 I visited the Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas in Austin, where I observed The Raising of Lazarus by Joachim Wtewael in the European Old Masters gallery. The piece recreates the biblical narrative of Lazarus’ resurrection and demonstrates the exorbitant style of Mannerism popular during the 16th century. Wtewael establishes the significance of the Christ with his application of form through the use of unrealistic contortions of the people, the lines following the exaggerated limbs of the congregation, and the abundant use of the color red on almost every article of clothing. In the foreground of the painting, a crowd of people gather around the recently resurrected Lazarus. There are roughly fifteen individuals in the crowd in a variety of postures, many of which are contorted and turned away. Furthermore, their forms are painted with considerable emphasis on the way that their respective limbs are bent and twisted which consequently creates a peculiar confined space in which much of the content and action is contained. The outstretched arms and warped bodies of the figures create two diagonal lines which cross over each other in the center of the painting, leading the eye to the primary subject and the focal point, Lazarus. To the left of him is a younger woman looking outwards, contrasting with the focused inward gaze of the crowd. Additionally, the same women mentioned previously also dons a striking white garment similar to that of

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