Essay on Art Classes in Schools: To be, or not to be?

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Most people would agree that music and art programs in schools have a huge impact on students not only academically, but in just about every aspect of their lives. Studies have shown that students who are involved in music and art programs have an overall higher IQ and show signs of many other academic benefits. Participating in such programs also allow students the opportunity to express themselves artistically and show the world their perhaps otherwise hidden potential. We all know how fun it can be to show the world your unexpected abilities, and what better way to show those off than the place where we spend most of our day-to-day lives? Unfortunately, even with all these obvious benefits, when the school budget is short, the first …show more content…
Art education has been proven to help with “cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skills” as well as “motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork” (Smith). Having the ability and patience to sit down and paint a masterpiece or work through a song on the piano requires high focus and dedication. Students willing to do this will in turn have stronger skills to focus and be dedicated in other subjects. The mixture of all these abilities gained from participation in art programs lead to higher test scores and overall better performance in school. Still, these are only a few of the assets provided by art education. Countless success stories can be found of people who have benefited from art programs in the way of character building. Art programs affect the characteristics of people differently, but always in a positive way. Singing in a choir can improve a student’s social skills and allow him to experience participating in a team. Painting a fruit bowl can enhance one’s perspective and help develop his style. Acting in a play can help to build and secure a person’s self esteem and help him grow as an individual. Art can also benefit communities and societies. Charity concerts and public performances by school music and drama groups help add a sense of happiness and togetherness to the surrounding community as people gather for a common purpose. Public murals and art gatherings
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