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Art Commission Statement Paper Art Commission Statement Paper Historically, the Ten Commandments have provided civilization with reason, but are more than a simple set of guidelines. The Greeks originally named the Ten Commands “Decalogue,” because of its verification to Jesus’ word. The Ten Commandments were a promise made by Jesus to the people and if followed would not be in danger of sin. The Ten Commandments hold many moral principles people hold true even today, even in the law. The Ten Commandments have influenced changes in the world and reflect Jewish and Christian concepts in humanity as a whole. The desired piece of sculpture, art piece, or painting is what will reflect on both parties and will…show more content…
When discouraged they just have to open their bibles and get their relief from reading just a few pages. Although there are many different religions beliefs and cultures around the world, as a group we believe that the Ten Commandments painting is a great piece of religious art, and placed in the front or in the antechamber of a new Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center would reflect a great unity in the largest religion and its beliefs, “Christianity.” If Jesus returned to earth today, which church would he go to? A Catholic church, of course, replies the Catholic. No, a Protestant church, argues the Protestant. I think both are wrong. I think he would begin as He did 2,000 years ago in a Jewish synagogue (Kreeft 1987). The long history of Christian anti-Semitism, in thought and deed, is perhaps the worst scandal in all the church's history. It is the Oedipus complex, for Judaism is Christianity's father. All Christians are spiritually Jews, said Vatican II, echoing St. Paul. Christianity subtracts nothing from Judaism, but only fulfills it (Kreeft 1987). This is the point of the “Jews for Jesus,” who insist that a Jew who becomes a Christian does not lose anything Jewish but completes his or her identity. When a Hindu or a pagan becomes a Christian, he is converted. When a Jew becomes a Christian, he is completed (Kreeft 1987). This is
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