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Art Critique This past weekend I visited the Blanton Art Museum in Austin, Texas. It is located Near the Capital, on the edge of the street. I took a deep breath and put coins in the meter and headed for the door. Upon walking in I stood outside for a moment to take a look around, I have never been to an art museum before so I wanted to get the full effect before my critique. It was quiet, unusual for Austin but, there were people walking around the museum as well and taking pictures. In this era, how could I go in without taking a picture of myself in front of the building and where you could see the capital in the background. When you walk into the museum you are greeted with warm smiles from the front desk and you pay for your admission pick up some pamphlets and you are on your way. While walking past security in into the first exhibit, “Design for Living in Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela. I began to wonder if I was going to enjoy myself or not? I walked past many art works before I decided to head upstairs to see if maybe something different would catch my eye. Not that the art in the other room was any different but I was looking for a bigger attention grabber. The steps lead up to right where I would finally begin my paper. I walked into a smaller room, completely white with random sketches on the wall and a name Donald Moffett would then catch my eye. They had a small introduction about him on the wall. That’s where I would learn that he was from San Antonio Texas

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