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Chapter 1: 1. Mona Lisa is one of the most famous pieces of art work in the world. Leonardo da Vinci used a light and dark contrast in this portrait to achieve the emphasis of her mysterious facial expression. (Page 2). 2. The artwork of the “Kenyan woman” there was a variety of colors. The colors in this work portrayed the beauty in different cultures. The smile of the Kenyan woman shows that happiness is beauty. (Page 3). 3. This picture is of the Column of Trajan in Rome, Italy. The spirals on this piece of architecture portray the victories of Napoleon Bonaparte. The history and antiqueness of this column makes this picture beautiful. (Page 8).
Chapter 2: 1. Sol LeWitt’s “Lines from four corners to points
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This image portrays the lava pouring out of a volcano as it explodes. (Page 129). 2. “Still Life, Tulips” is a watercolor painting done on paper by artist Emil Nolde. This painting represents the beauty of nature. The colors in this picture help express how beautiful nature can really be and that people really need to take the time to enjoy nature. (Page 131). 3. “Arcadia Revisted” is a spray paint on canvas done by artist Crash (John Matos). This piece of artwork looks very graffiti like. This picture portrays the energy of the era. (Page 132).
Chapter 7: 1. Artist Chen Xuhai’s artwork known as “Golden Autumn” seems very complex. This piece of artwork seems to be of an aging face. The lines on the face represent the wrinkles on a person’s face. (Page 138). 2. “The Mothers” done by artist Käthe Kollwitz emphasizes a mother’s love their child after a war. The facial expressions of the mothers and children seem to be very depressing, which gives this piece of artwork creates a sense of sorrow. (Page 145). 3. Edgar Degas’s masterpiece known as “The Ballet Master” shows a man teaching a woman ballet. It seems as if he is directing her as to what to do. This image seems to be a unique piece of art. (Page 147).
Chapter 8: 1. “Young Lady with an Umbrella” shows a woman enjoying the presence of nature. This photography really captures the beauty in nature with the beautiful fall leaves. (Page 155). 2. “The Brown

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