Art Director Research Paper

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What is an art director? That’s a hard question to answer. In the movies, art directors are usually responsible for creating the “look and feel” of the film. In advertising and print work, art directors come up with “concepts,” the creative ideas that communicate with us on a gut level through devices like theme, metaphor, and symbolism. Some art directors do a little more than dream up these ideas and present them to clients, while some oversee almost all aspects of the design and production process. An art director is typically the overseer of the other works by designers and artist who produce images for television, films, live performances, advertisements, or video games. He or she determines the overall style or tone desired for each project and articulates their vision to artists who submit images. These images include illustrations, graphics, photographs, charts and graphs, or stage and movie sets. Art director’s work with both the client and the design team to find the right looks for whatever project or set they are working on.…show more content…
So you’ve presented your idea and the client loves it. Now the idea needs to be produced. Your job as an art director has just begun and now you have to deal with the client, the programmers, the designers, the project manager, and anyone else involved in the project. All of these people contribute their insight and talent, and it’s your job to make sure that the end result remains as closely related to your concept as possible. As an art director, you need to know what the technologies are and how they are used. You need to know what everyone on your team does, and why. Leave the details up to them, but be sure you know what is involved. It will gain you the respect of your team when they realize that you are not working in a vacuum, and it will help you think of good, realistic
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