Art During The Middle Ages

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Art during the Italian Renaissance differed from art during the Middle Ages. The two have contrasting characteristics and concepts. In the Middle Ages the subject of almost all European art was religion, specifically. Although Renaissance artists continued to paint religious paintings and portraits of individuals, they also focused on the details of everyday life. They also used new techniques such as sfumato, chiaroscuro and perspective. The artists of the Italian Renaissance expressed the ideals of the time period through their work with the technique of perspective, the method of chiaroscuro, and the types of paintings they painted. Artists of the Italian Renaissance era expressed the ideals of their time using a technique called perspective. In painting, perspective was the great innovation of the Renaissance. Using mathematics, artists discovered how to produce, on a flat, two dimensional surface, the three dimensional view seen in reality. Objects and figures in the painting are positioned so that the space of the painting seemed to recede, moving backward toward a central vanishing point. Renaissance artists rediscovered and greatly expanded their knowledge on linear perspective, vanishing point and horizon line. Linear perspective means changing a painting. An example of this is looking through a window and painting exactly what you see on the pane. Instead of every object being the same size, objects farther away from you would have been drawn smaller, as things
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