Art Exhibit on Brown Versus Board of Educaiton Essay

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Like A Fish out of Water I’ll be the first to admit it: I cannot understand art for the life of me. That being said, I’m somehow always tricked into thinking I do. I’ve tried my hand at being one of those intellectuals who goes to art museums for recreation, and enjoys analyzing pictures, paintings and monochromic blobs. But every time I drag myself to a museum, I end up discovering the same three truths about myself: 1. I’m horrible at grasping the artist’s message. 2. I get frustrated with things I don’t understand. 3. When I get frustrated, I get mad. That being said, it was only natural that I go to the Krannert Art Museum to see the Brown v. Board of Education exhibit. I’ve never been to the…show more content…
Recalling my inability to understand art, you can just imagine how much fun I had in the museum. When I walked into the little area I was immediately stopped by a collection of commemorative plates, each with names of famous civil rights activists on them. The plates looked very elegant, but I couldn’t figure out why the artist would want to create them. “Irony”, I thought, “it must be ironic somehow. Artists love irony – but how is this ironic?” Maybe because the names were in black on white plates? Maybe because they didn’t lead extravagant lifestyles but yet were commemorated on extravagant plates? Or maybe that their names, and all that they have stood for, have been reduced to a cheap souvenir-like object, that may or may not be available at the gift shop. I decided to shake off all the thoughts that were running through my head when I saw a giant sign that described the purpose of the exhibit, and what Brown v Board meant. Beneath it I found a pamphlet describing each work. “Spectacular”, I thought. “Now this is my kind of art museum – one with answers”. My confidence level rose as I approached a series of photographs, labeled Plessy v. Ferguson. I glanced at each picture, and noticed a progression in the movement of a black woman and a white woman sitting on a chair. They seemed to be struggling for control of the chair, trying to obtain more space, but never finding the right fit, only to end up sitting on opposite sides of the

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