Art Final Paper 201 - After the Renaissance

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Art 201 Professor Wilson May 6th 2012

Final Paper- Comparison between two works of art
Pompeo Girolamo Batoni Diana and Cupid 1761 and Corrado Giaquinto The Lamentation 1740’s

Neoclassical Art was an art form that followed the Baroque and Rococo art periods. Neoclassicism was a way for artists to display their wish to return to meaningful art, to escape the frivolity of landscapes and still life paintings, and paint something that had a moral, educational or inspirational value to the viewer. Neoclassical art was an attempt to return knowledge and purity back to art. Neoclassicism was mainly focused on Greek and Roman arts and stories of the classical era with some new advancement. It was a revival of antiquity. In Pompeo
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In each of these works you can clearly see a loving gaze between subjects. In Diana and Cupid, Diana is gazing so lovingly and playfully at Cupid, while Cupid is staring at his bow his hand is placed upon her leg for support while reaching for it. In The Lamentation, only an angel is touching the body of Jesus, holding his hand, but the other main figure in the painting has her hands clasped together and is gazing at Jesus in a loving yet mournful way. The use of color in the paintings can easily be compared and contrasted. Both works are fairly repetitive in their color use, and the colors chosen are clear indicators for where the artist wants the viewer to look. For example in Diana and Cupid her clothing is a bright vibrant red, and while there are many other beautiful colors throughout the painting none are quite as vibrant as the red used. This clearly shows that the human figure is the main subject of the art. In The Lamentation the use of color is a little different, it would seem that the artist used color on all of the other subjects except for Jesus’ naked body which in turn I believe makes Jesus stand out from the picture, because there is color used everywhere but on Jesus you focus in on him while all of the other subjects are kind of blending together. In each of the paintings the artist also uses the shadowing technique. The use of light and dark is captivating in The Lamentation; a lot of it has to

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