Art Has Perplexed The Minds Of Both Scholars And Laymen

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Art has perplexed the minds of both scholars and laymen for centuries due to the inherent complexity derived from its ability to express creativity, convey meaning, and express emotion – all while coming in various forms subject to interpretation from the audience. Rather than debate the definition of art or how it can be used to communicate, I have chosen to focus this essay upon the following question: How does art express emotion? Exploring the connection between art and emotion is an essential component to furthering my personal understanding of the meaning and value of art. As a beginning student in the philosophy of art, my preliminary musings paper primarily discussed how I came to develop interest in art. To me, art is healthy…show more content…
While her theory is new, it builds upon previous work done by philosophers in the discipline of the philosophy of art. Prior to presenting her own theory, Barwell outlines the subject matter thoroughly and strategically. First, she lays a foundation for the issue by presenting previously established theories on how art expresses emotion. Historically, the first group to explore this topic was the Romantic theorists, who recognized that emotions, moods, and feelings could be expressed through works. Barwell admits that although works of art are also capable of expressing concepts (i.e. thought, attitude) not constituted within the realm of emotions, per se, she limits her discussion to solely the expression of emotion. Upon laying this groundwork, Barwell then claims that current theories on emotional expression via art are composed of two parts. The first part analyzes a particular work of art, claiming that it follows one of the following sentence schemata, where “E-ness” represents a particular emotion (i.e. sadness, happiness, etc.): (1) “This artwork is E” (2) “This artwork is expressive of E-ness” (3) “This artwork expresses E-ness” (4) “This artwork is an expression of E-ness” The second portion of previously established theories claims that there is a relationship existent between art and emotion. Art is said to express emotion because it symbolizes, resembles, imitates, refers to, or represents emotions. By establishing these two

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