Art History And Its Impact On Art

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Art history allows for a greater understanding of the progression of human thought and how conditions from one time period to another are reflected in art. Humanity represents itself through art and by doing so we are able to take a deeper look into the mentality and emotions that were held within a certain time period. Human studies such as cultural studies or history only highlight small specific areas of humanity while art history combines the two and gives a comprehensive look into all factors that influenced not only the art of a certain time but the events that influenced certain styles. Through the study of art history we are able to see the different events that caused shifts in prospective and influenced changes in art styles. For example the iconoclasm during the protestant reformation drastically altered the type of art that was being produced and greatly limited forward progression of certain styles. All images of God, Jesus, and any other paintings or sculptures that depicted images of “false idols” were destroyed or removed from view. In ancient Egypt, the carved visages of some pharaohs were obliterated by their successors. The destruction of art was used as a way to influence ideas through out a community of people. By limiting the growth of art, the recorded history of Christianity was greatly altered. Humanity is constantly changing and evolving in relation to its surroundings as viewed through the study of art. Art is all encompassing of a multitude of

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