Art History: Filippo Brunelleschi Scuptor and Architect of the Renaissance Period

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Art History: Renaissance Filippo Brunelleschi was one of the greatest sculptors and architects of the Renaissance. His architectural achievements consist of some of the most well known and impressive structures not only of the Renaissance, but today. Not only were his structures amazing, but during his time he also invented new technology that would allow for his structures to be built. What would happen if Brunelleschi never designed architecture? We would have lost his inventions, his structures, and all of the work he inspired in other artists. Brunelleschi’s career path changed from sculpture to architecture after his loss to Ghiberti during the competition for the Eastern Doors of the Florentine Baptistery. If Brunelleschi had won…show more content…
The scene feels much more tense than that of Ghiberti, who has rendered his scene and figures more gracefully and more delicate. The scene is less active and more atmospheric with the figures appearing more relaxed and less intense than Brunelleschi’s. In the end, the competition was concluded and agreed on by the judges that Ghiberti was the winner. Although in the books and articles I’ve read through, each has a slightly different version of how the competition winner was decided. Some say that it was unclear how they chose a winner, while another says that Donato and Brunelleschi both agreed that Ghiberti was the clear winner and might have been declared the winner because his panel required approximately 30% less bronze, A couple of the readings said that it was a tie and that they were both asked to work on the commission together, which upon further reading seems most likely accurate. Apparently the only two panels that survived were Brunelleschi’s and Ghiberti’s, which suggests that they tied because they made sure that they survived since they were so well done. Regardless of how the decision was determined, Brunelleschi forfeited his role in working on the doors that would eventually complete the Gates of Paradise. Brunelleschi decided that rather than be equal or second to someone, he would become the

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