Art History

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• Chapter 1 Notes - Prehistoric Period o Paleolithic Period – "Old Stone Age"  Old and primitive period  Around 50,000BC  Artwork consisted of cave paintings  Brutal period  Average life expectancy was about 20 years o Neolithic Period – "New Stone Age"  Begins around 9,000BC  Neolithic Revolution • Agriculture o Allows people luxury of staying in one place; stability and performance o Cornerstone of civilization • Domestic Architecture o Wigwam, Huts, Lean-to's o Native American Indians were considered "Neolithic" • Refined tools o Spears, Bows and Arrows • Domesticated Animals o Hallmark of luxury, stability, and permanence • Pottery – clay art o Bowls and…show more content…
57 – Prince Rahotep and his Wife Nofret  Made out of limestone, then painted to look life-like  Ka's Sculpture • Form of "afterlife insurance" in order to trick the soul into staying alive in the event of the body's destruction  Depicted themselves as native-American colored more to distinguish themselves from others rather than to represent their actual skin color  Rahotep was one of the Pharaoh's sons, but did not become Pharaoh o Pg. 58 – Seated Scribe  Hieroglyphs – Egyptian written language • Over 4,000 major symbols and 4,000 minor symbols  Scribes were very exalted positions  Country only had a literacy rating of 1%  Pharaoh counted don scribes to write and read most documents  Made of painted limestone  Natural position and look o Pg. 59 – Bust of Vizier Ankh-haf  Court functionary of Amhotep  Found 7 identical busts side by side  Used a this man's wig-stands, serving a practical purpose
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