Art History : Renaissance Italy Art

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Yim Tsz Fung Jeremy
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Italian Renaissance was a period of great cultural changes in Europe that started in Italy in the 14th century and continued until the 16th century. Renaissance marked the evolution between Medieval and the early modern Europe. The era of rebirth is known for the renewed interests in the culture of traditional antique after the Dark Ages. In the renaissance, art was very important as people expected it to have a significant effect on their lives. People anticipated art to delight and entice them into holding and maintaining their beliefs. Art was also expected to guide people of that time to engage in certain behaviors. Therefore, it was directly involved in shaping of the Renaissance society. Artists of the time based their work on the culture of the ancient Greece and Rome. Some of the human achievements include the masterpiece of stone, bronze, and paint. Cosimo de Medici was an Italian man who was very rich and deeply religious. In his life, he wanted to be remembered for his great deeds for Florence. As a great patron for arts, he commissioned artists to create elegant sculptures and paintings. Even after his death, his family including Piero and Giovani formed the Medici Academy of artists, philosophers, and poets.
Renaissance art includes sculpture, painting and decorative art. It is perceived as a sovereign of the early tradition that was transformed by the…
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