Art In Nursing : The Art Of Nursing

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Introduction Staffing shortages coupled with the high competing mental and physical demands involved in patient care, breed loopholes of distraction and, inevitably, draw nurses away from the most important aspect of our profession; therapeutic connection. New patient satisfaction requirements from the Affordable Care Act, tied to reimbursement, further challenge nurses to even higher expectations of creating that magical patient experience. Additionally, nurses devote themselves to a lifetime commitment to learning, applying evidence-based practice to promote patient safety and prevent sentinel events. In order to holistically meet the needs of our patient population in the growing complex world of healthcare, nurses must implement and practice both art and science of nursing. The following explores the important aspects of each; specifically, effective communication and knowledge-based critical thinking, and illustrates the necessity for striking a delicate balance between the two. The Art of Nursing The art of nursing, to me, is the heart of nursing. It is timeless, demands connection to purpose, and ensues a sincere passion to serve everyone in our patient population equally, with compassion and sensitivity. The art of nursing exists in many forms and cultivates on many levels. I believe art, in this sense, is not the form itself but our ability as nurses to effectively connect to our patients using the form. One example of an art form is communication.

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