Art In The Modern World

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Mankind has gone through many challenges and hardships to get to where they presently are. As a result, modern humans are completely different from the first humans that walked on Earth. However, there has been a couple of things that have prevailed even after all these changes, and one of them is art. Art has always been present in the history of humankind, from ancient civilizations to the modern society. But, what makes art so important that it continues on through history?
The book Station Eleven, written by Emily St. John Mandel, explores the importance of art, in which it narrates the lives of various people that are connected by Arthur, a celebrity who dies in chapter one, before and twenty years after the Georgian Flu incident. The book depicts that even though the circumstances in the old and new world are different, people in both worlds have a desire to pursue the creation of art. The creation and final work of art is essential in human lives because art provides a way to express one’s emotions, art provides satisfaction to both the creator and viewer, and it immortalizes the subject so that it can be remembered throughout generations. Therefore, as a result of the outcomes of art, humans will always have a desire to create art in spite of all the circumstances.
To begin with, art is used to express one's feelings. Miranda, Dr. Eleven’s author, was considerably wealthy, however, regardless of all her wealth, she still needed an outlet to express herself, and that was her comic, Dr. Eleven. She used art to express her uncomfortableness in her new life. For example, she wrote that Dr. Eleven thought “we were not meant for this world. I returned to my city, to my shattered life and damaged home, to my loneliness, and tried to forget the sweetness of life on Earth” (105). That was how Miranda felt after she figured out that Arthur was having an affair with Elizabeth. After she married Arthur, she felt that “she’ll never belong here no matter how hard she tries. These are not her people. She is marooned on a strange planet” (92), in the same way, Dr. Eleven thought that “he wasn’t meant for this world”. Miranda knew that she would have to go back to her former life after her divorce with Arthur, and
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